Branding Graphic Design

Stand out for all the right reasons

Professional branding & logo design

Design projects are the most successful when you begin with a strong brand identity design. What do you get? A fully fleshed out visual brand with all the bells and whistles you’ll need to take your brand’s look & feel to the next level.

YOU’LL GET: Brand Strategy Presentation, Moodboard, Brand Identity Cheat Sheet, Colour Palette, Font Recommendations, Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Logo Mark, Web Favicon, Pattern, Logo Style Guide, Business Card Design

Logo Design

We create professional, cohesive brand identities and logo design packages to reflect your personality.

What’s a brand identity?

more than just your logo


A simple, smart and slick logo that people recognise easily will help you stand out.


A consistent use of typography across your logo, website, digital and printed documents is key.


There is a science behind choosing the right colours to enhance your brand identity.


Your target audience is the most likely buyer of your products or services. You’ll need messaging that speaks directly to them.


What’s your business personality? Is it serious or playful and fun? Your tone of voice must resonate with your audience.


Brand values guide your business decision making. Your brand identity will seek to embody these.