We are a Surrey design agency, delivering affordable, stylish websites, strong brand identities and promotional materials designed so your business can stand out.

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We spend quality time discussing your business goals, audience and competitors to get to know you.

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We take everything we’ve learnt about your business and plan the best, bespoke creative solution for you.

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Using the latest technologies we design your digital and print designs with your goals in mind.

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Jennie Powell


I love the process of bringing client’s businesses to life through my designs. I’ve always been passionate about design and attended Glasgow School of Art where I studied design and photography, and then received my Master of Design. 

Since then, I was appointed Head of Design at Drummond Media, took a year to learn the language and fall in love with the art and architecture of Italy, then moved back to London where I was an in-house web and graphic designer at Fairbridge and The Prince’s Trust. 

In 2012 I founded Surrey Design Agency – Tree Duck Design, so I could help startups stand out in the chaos that is the Internet. When I’m not working away on WordPress websites or creating designs for small businesses, you can find me dancing Ceroc with my husband Mark, or adventuring with our two sons as we explore the UK and beyond.

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