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Hi, I’m Jennie Powell, your creative partner in web design, branding and SEO. With my Master of Design (M.Des) from Glasgow School of Art and experience working with media agencies and charities, I founded Tree Duck Design in 2012. I’ve since dedicated myself to elevating businesses. My passion lies in enabling women to achieve their ambitions and gain financial freedom by growing a business they love.

When I’m not designing WordPress websites or devising brand identities and smart SEO strategies, I enjoy Ceroc dancing and adventuring across the UK and beyond to make memories with my husband Mark and our two sons.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and reach remarkable success? Let’s collaborate on crafting a visually engaging website that will take your business to new heights!

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Behind the scenes

  • Web Designer who loves a decaf flat white by day, red wine by night and exploring new places any time.
  • I love a business book and delving into bite-sized insights from Blinkist – an app that’s perfect for satiating my thirst for knowledge.
  • I find inspiration from podcasts, people and travelling.

Out & about

  • I’m love to learning new things to improve my business and deliver extraordinary experiences for my clients.
  • Volunteering as Design Lead crafting their website, posters, leaflets, banners and more for Holme Farm, a fantastic Surrey community project.
  • I’ve spoken at The Connect + Collaborate Branding Your Business For Success panel event.
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I believe in…


my mission

When women support each other, we can accomplish incredible things. I’m passionate about using design as a tool for empowering women in business. Together, let’s foster a spirit of confidence and motivation as we rise to ever-greater heights.


Collaboration in Creativity

Strong relationships are the backbone of great work. When we support each other and share our expertise, we can accomplish far more than as individuals. Let’s collaborate for extraordinary outcomes!


Design with Purpose

A website shouldn’t just be a pretty face—it needs to work hard for you, sparking emotions and driving action. I strive to encapsulate everything amazing about your business in your website.

Let’s Connect

we’re better together

The journey of entrepreneurship is better together. When women unite in the business world, we create an unstoppable force that inspires many. Join me in creating a website that perfectly embodies your brand!

Who I Recommend

expert complementary services

Meet the extraordinary women who offer complementary services like photography, copywriting, videography and more. They help elevate brands and make the journey a lot more fun!

Amanda Fearn


Amanda, our copy & content writer and brand language expert is on a mission to make sure everyone has an opportunity to heal and grow. She does this through writing websites, thought leadership, blogs and social media for purpose-driven entrepreneurs on a mission of their own. In her spare time, she reads about Neanderthals, grows cabbages and does tai chi in the woods near her home.

Kerry Harrison


Kerry is a visual storyteller – bringing your business to life with creative, authentic photos & video that looks & feels like the real you. She loves working with women who want an injection of creative ideas for their brand and is passionate about encouraging you to stand up and shine, even if the thought of being in front of a lens is a scary one! With a background in design, Kerry’s experience and warmth exude as she guides you through the whole process.

Barbara Cosgrave


Barbara delivers a bespoke styling service, unique for every client that saves them time, money, and expensive mistakes. Giving each client an easy-to-follow plan for creating that great working wardrobe and a social wardrobe that represents where they are in life now, their unique personality and lifestyle. With over 25 years’ experience, Barbara listens to her clients’ problems and helps them create a signature style that builds confidence, is appropriate for every occasion and makes them memorable – for all the right reasons!

Nicola Cox


As a business and marketing consultant Nicola is passionate about helping small businesses grow… not just grow at any cost but in a way that is sustainable, profitable and right for them. With over 20 years marketing and commercial experience she has a huge breadth of experience to draw on. She loves getting under the skin of the businesses she works with, seeking to really understand the business or marketing challenges they are facing, which enables her to provide tailored and effective solutions that are reflective of their unique situation.

Emma Whelan


Emma works with founders, entrepreneurs and leaders wanting to have greater impact and success in their work and step into their full potential. She offers a creative, business-oriented approach to working through career challenges and opportunities. She draws on her experience as a coach, counsellor, and organisational change strategist, and underpins this with 20+ years business, branding & marketing acumen.

Hannah Pereira


Hannah runs Button Media, helping organisations tell their stories authentically through film. She creates videos for businesses with a big personality, a love of people, and a message they want to communicate to the world. Your videos will help you connect with your clients and broaden your appeal. And she will make the process easy.