WordPress Care Plans

Secure and update your website effortlessly

Personal Support for your WordPress website

Investing in a website is investing in your business. As part of Tree Duck Design, I’m here to offer you a WordPress Care Plan. I’ll take care of keeping your site secure, updated and running like a dream, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Interested? Take a look at the flexible plans I’ve created, tailored to meet your needs.

WordPress Care Plans by Jennie Powell, Tree Duck Design
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The Need for a Care Plan

Owning a website can sometimes feel like having a high-maintenance pet – it requires constant updates, bug fixes, performance tuning, and more. Juggling all of this along with running your business can be quite the tightrope walk.

That’s why I’m here. With my services, you can confidently focus on your business while I ensure your website stays up to date, secure, and smoothly running.

The Tree Duck Design Promise

Working with me, you can expect…


I’ll take the website management off your plate, so you can focus on your other tasks.

Stress-Free Experience

Dread updating your website? Not anymore! I’ll handle the updates while you sit back and relax.

Personalised Support

You’ll get my dedicated support, always ready and eager to keep your website online 24/7.

WordPress Care Plans


I offer three tailored plans to suit your needs and offer the best protection for your WordPress website:


Ideal for small businesses requiring essential website maintenance and security.

  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Priority support
  • Core WordPress updates
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Maintenance & security​
  • Full website backups and website restore
  • 24/7 Security and malware monitoring
  • Spam fighting
  • Quarterly consultation available
  • Annual website review
  • No content updates



Perfect for businesses needing regular updates and some content management support.

  • Core WordPress updates
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Maintenance & security​
  • Offsite backup of website
  • 24/7 Security and malware monitoring
  • Bi-annual website review
  • Technical SEO audit & fix
  • Technical support for any issues
  • Uptime monitoring to check performance
  • 1 hour of content support
  • 1 hour email or phone support
  • Monthly performance report
  • Quarterly consultation available
  • Reduced rate website development



The complete package for businesses that require a comprehensive website management service.

  • Core WordPress updates
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Maintenance & security​
  • Offsite backup of website
  • 24/7 Security and malware monitoring
  • Bi-annual website review
  • Website audit
  • Technical support for any issues
  • Uptime monitoring to check performance
  • 3 hours of content support
  • 2 hours email or phone support
  • Fastest response time
  • SEO health checks
  • Page reviews and design changes to improve usability and functionality
  • Reduced rate website development


Why Choose Tree Duck Design?

With my WordPress Care Plans, you:

  • save time
  • get peace of mind
  • secure backups
  • enhanced security
  • benefit from troubleshooting support
  • and enjoy priority assistance for content management

Don’t take my word for it, have a look at my testimonials to see how I’ve helped businesses just like yours.

Managed Website Hosting

Your website can take your business to new heights. That’s why I provide managed hosting plans on super-fast servers, ensuring you never have to worry about being offline or missing vital updates and security measures – I take care of everything to help you achieve optimal success!

WordPress Care Plan & Hosting Services FAQs

Got questions? I’ve got answers.

If you’re ready to secure your website’s future and boost its performance, reach out to me today. I’m excited to work with you!

Each of my management plans is designed to meet different needs and scales of business. The ‘Protect’ plan is great for small businesses needing essential maintenance, while the ‘Support’ plan suits those requiring regular updates and content management. For a comprehensive, hands-off experience, the ‘Grow’ plan is the best choice.

If you’re unsure which plan suits your needs best, I invite you to get in touch for a friendly chat about your business goals and how I can best support you. Your success is my priority!

Your monthly support time is dedicated to keeping your website fresh and relevant. This includes updating existing content, replacing images, posting new blogs, modifying titles and more. If you need a new page or content added, I’ve got you covered. However, without an SEO Plan, new content won’t be optimised for search engines. Should that be a part of your vision, let’s chat about SEO Plans.

For the introduction of new features or a comprehensive new page, we would need to discuss the scope as a separate mini project, ensuring we capture all your requirements and price it appropriately. Remember, your monthly support time is a ‘use it or lose it’ deal, so make sure to utilise it for any requests within the month.

You can reach out to me via email or directly through my website. I aim to respond as quickly as possible to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

This depends on the nature and complexity of the changes required. I strive to carry out updates efficiently, generally within 2-5 business days.

Rest assured, the transition will be seamless. I will handle all aspects of the move, ensuring your website is up and running smoothly with minimal disruption.

Yes, absolutely! I believe in transparency and regular communication. You will receive monthly reports detailing the updates and improvements made to your website.

Your website’s health is my priority. I aim to resolve issues as swiftly as possible, typically within 24 hours, to ensure your online presence remains consistent.

Of course! Your website management plan can be upgraded or downgraded to best suit your evolving business needs.

There are no long-term contracts. You’re free to cancel any time if you find the service isn’t right for you.

Several factors can cause slow website loading, including large images, too many plugins, or issues with your hosting provider. I’ll thoroughly analyse your site to identify and resolve any speed-related issues.

For regular speed and image optimisation, you will need to be on an SEO Plan to keep speed monitored and fix any issues.

The hosting service includes managed WordPress hosting on a secure, fast server, CDN, an SSL certificate, daily backups, firewalls, and more.

I employ robust security measures including regular security monitoring, updates, and backups, ensuring your website is protected from threats.

Our hosting, security software and processes are designed to ensure this doesn’t happen. However, it is still possible but rare. For example, if a software vulnerability isn’t patched quickly enough by the software developer then your site is vulnerable.

Malware will be cleaned up after a security breach and invoiced at an hourly rate as it is difficult to know how long it will take before looking into it. This has not yet happened with our websites but I have seen serious hacks with websites where they have not been maintained or are using out of date software.

During our consultation, we will discuss your business needs, your website’s performance, and potential strategies for improvement.

Absolutely! I’m more than happy to manage and enhance websites, regardless of who initially built them. However, I will need to go through a Website Audit & Tune Up before I can migrate your website to our hosting and management plan.

While I specialise in WordPress, I can certainly assist with websites on other platforms. We can discuss the specific support you require for your Wix or SquareSpace website.