What is your website’s purpose?

purpose of your website

“I have a website, but it doesn’t seem to be generating any traffic.” I hear this often. People fail to realise that the type of content they have shared on their website could be missing the mark with their ideal audience. Let’s talk about how to cultivate the purpose of your website. 

There is a fantastic book written by Marcus Sheridan called They Ask, You Answer. In this book, he approaches serving his clients by thinking about the questions they will have and answering them BEFORE they ask them. He discusses his success in using this technique on his website and the major return on the types of leads he got from switching to this strategy. 

Your Why

Whether you are creating your website content alone, or working with a professional you should always consider the “Why?” 

Why is someone coming to my website? What are they looking for? Why do they want to click around? Why are they interested in what I am offering? What questions will they have about my products/services?

Your Ideal Customer

Knowing your ideal client is inherently important when creating a website and social media content. If you understand the driving force behind why your ideal client has landed on your page(s), then you can preemptively answer the questions they have. When you do this, you are virtually removing their hesitations about purchasing your services or products, thereby clearing out those clients who are not serious about buying from you and resonating with those that will. 

Squash Objections

The questions your potential customers have are the hurdles. Answer those questions upfront and you remove those hurdles, leaving you with better qualified leads for you to engage with. 

Review your website

This month I challenge you to take a look at your website content from the eyes of a consumer. Are you answering their questions? If you sell coaching services on your website, are you explaining why coaching services are necessary using facts and statistics that your clients would want to know? Are you explaining the return on their investment that they can see? Are you clear about how much work they will have to put into working with you as a coach? Answering questions like this in a simple FAQ section can go a long way to bringing in qualified leads

Not sure where to start? Book a consultation with me to discuss the content on your site, and let’s see what we can do to help generate the business outcomes you are looking for by nailing your website’s purpose. After all, you have a website so that it can perform for you, let’s make that happen.

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