Women In Tech – let’s celebrate National Webmistress Day

Women in tech

As National Webmistress Day on the 26th of August approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on the many amazing women in tech who have pioneered the world of technology. 

This word emerged in the 90s and was made prominent when a woman named Kat Valentine bought the domain name WebMisstress.com and began her web development business. While the title Web Developer had been around for a while, the title WebMistress brought an air of curiosity with it which Kat was able to use to build her business. 

  1. Hedy Lamarr, born 1914

    Yes, the actress! Hedy, motivated by curiosity and entirely self taught, invented the Secret Communication System with the help of George Antheil. This system was used to push radio guided torpedoes off course during the war. The technology used became the basis for later inventions such as wifi and GPS. 
  1. Mary Wilkes, born 1937

    In 1961 Mary worked on the first interactive personal computer, LINC and is known for having the first ever personal computer inside her home. 
  1. Annie Easley, born 1933

    Using her strong maths skills she worked for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. In later years she developed the code which led to the development of batteries for hybrid cars. 
  1. Dr. Fei Fei Li, born 1976

    She is the inventor of ImageNet, helping to “train” the AI software to recognise what was in a picture. Additionally, she founded the not for profit organisation, AI4ALL. 
  1. Katherine Johnson, born 1918

    Without Katherine’s contribution, the first spacecraft would never have been able to orbit Earth and land on the moon. She resolved the issues that the team at NASA were encountering and made that historical event possible. 

The Tech Landscape

There are many other brilliant, female brains that have worked within the tech world bringing about milestones and inventions. These women have paved the way for future generations to continue adding valuable contributions which will allow the once thought impossible, to be achieved. 

Tech is a quickly changing, ever evolving industry. Creatives, scientists and innovative thinkers come together to constantly grow and shape the technologies around the world. STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) programmes exist in schools now and continue to increase in popularity.

“As society innovates and technology advances, the need for professionals who understand how these technologies work and who can propose practical solutions continues to grow.” 

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However, there is still an underrepresentation of women in tech, and even though progress has been made, it is moving at an extremely slow pace.

So, if you’re not sure if the tech industry is for you, here are 3 important reasons why you might want to consider becoming a Webmistress.

Work From Anywhere

There are many fields within tech that can be done from anywhere. The skills required for many jobs within the tech industry allow for the ultimate mobile business. Want to travel for a few months? Pack your computer and make sure you have wifi and bam… you are in business. Graphic designers, web developers, cyber security, and coding, are just a few of the jobs in the tech field that can be done from virtually anywhere. 

Collaboration And Communication

Often in the world of tech, there is an opportunity for collaboration. Whether you are working as a part of a team, or working with a client, collaboration is key. Not only do you keep your communication skills sharp by working in such a setting, but it allows you to get to learn about what others may be doing. As you learn, you acquire new information and sometimes even new skill sets that you are able to bring forth in your own work. As the tech industry is one that thrives on innovation, opportunities for growth and learning are embraced and often purposefully sought out. 

Right And Left Brained

A job in tech is a wonderful place for someone who enjoys using both sides of their brain. Enjoy doing maths and being creative? Tech blends that. Enjoy putting things together, and making them look pretty? Tech blends that. Strategic thinking to problem solve, creatively coming up with ideas, piecing together the sequences in which things need to occur, finding the root cause of issues, brainstorming with others – these are all just a small sample of the skills needed within the tech industry. 


As our society evolves from computers that took up whole rooms, to small handheld devices, remaining on the cutting edge of technology is something every country across the world strives to do. They sought to do it 100 years ago, and they will seek to do it 100 years from now. Innovative thinkers are the lifeline of the tech industry.  

It is no secret that the tech field is a male-dominated industry, but as society evolves and more women enter the workforce, this is changing. There are many different jobs within the tech field where women can excel, and it’s important to remember that we have come a long way and even though there is still progress to be made. With so many different jobs within the tech field, this makes it the ideal place for women to dominate. If you want more information on how to break into the tech field or would like advice from successful women in tech, get in touch with us.

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