How to choose the right colours for your brand

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The colours you choose can either enhance your brand or detract from it. Colours evoke emotion, and emotion often plays a major part in how we make decisions. When choosing colours to represent your brand you should think more deeply than just selecting colours that you like. 

Define your brand identity

What is your brand identity? Have you figured that out already or are you new to the search? No matter where you are in this process, the colours you choose to represent your brand should be considered a great asset. They will subconsciously communicate your mission, your values, the characteristics of the brand/business, as well as unique things about the company. Who knew that a brand could do all of that? How is this accomplished, you want to know??? Colour. 

Specifically evaluating these things can help you give characteristics to your brand. Those characteristics can be interpreted in colour form, which will read as the subconscious epitome of your entire brand. 

Decide who your audience is

Who is your audience? How do you want to attract them? How do you want them to feel when they view your content? How old are they? Where do they live? Why are they visiting, what are they looking for? What emotion will lead them to purchase from you? 

When considering your entire brand, and specifically your colours, you must know who your ideal audience is. The more specifically you can view that person in your mind, the stronger the brand you can create. 

Delve in to create your visual

Now that you can picture a clear audience, what colour(s) are they drawn to? Are they coming to you to find peace? Motivation? Inspiration? Are they coming to find valuable products? Education? 

Believe it or not, colours have meaning. They can create an emotion within your target audience. Thinking about the emotional outcome can often help you decide which colours will work best for your brand.

Yellow, for instance, is associated with joy. Blue can symbolise calmness and stability. Searching out the meaning of colours before selecting them for your brand can be a simple way to avoid miscommunicating who and what your company is.

Pinterest is a great resource when looking for ideas for your website. When you find colours you like, google what they mean for your brand. If you find yourself sitting there with a lot of information and confused, you are not alone. It happens to a lot of people.

Some can successfully design their websites and brands using resources they find online, and others need to call in a professional for some guidance. If you think you need some guidance, click here to schedule a free consultation to help you get started. 

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