Amazing Power Words for Success

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Are you wondering how to make your blogs more interesting and captivate your audience? Use power words and phrases for success. It would be devastating if your readers stopped reading from the third sentence! It is all in the words you use. The following three tips are going to explain how to use power words which will make writing intriguing blogs easier for you.

1. Use of power words

Words have power and that is why writing a blog needs to contain two types of words: power words and keywords. Power words, which are listed below, are words that are emotive, engaging, and gripping so our target audience is more excited to read the blogs.

An example could be writing a blog about a coaching business, where most people use ‘dynamic’ as a word associated with coaches (shown in over 100 million searches on Google). An alternative from the power words list could be 

Exclusive coaching”

Adding another three power words from the list to describe a coaching business, might include:

 “Exclusive coaching designed to unlock your hidden opportunities” 

The power words are useful for your blog titles as they make them “catchier” and more likely to be clicked on. This means better results in SERPs (search engine results page) and on social media. 

We are all creatures of habit and have established ways we write, so challenging yourself to use the power words can increase your vocabulary, vibrancy, and enthusiasm as you will think more creatively.

(I have highlighted in bold each power word I’ve used in this blog, to emphasise the fun you can have and how it changes your style of writing).

power words and phrases for success - be bold
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The second type of words we use are keywords that are important and relevant to your business or blog topic. These include words or phrases that describe your niche, what you sell, your specialism, and your location. As mentioned in the ”Want to start a new blog?” keywords are the basis of Google’s analytics and will be used to direct traffic to your blog and/or website. Make sure the ones you choose are highly effective and on trend.

2. Addressing your audience throughout 

When writing a blog, we need to ‘chat’ using our written language. Treat writing a blog as a conversation with a friend that you are trying to explain your point to. The copy needs to address the audience personally by using “you” and by focusing on your audience far more than you do on yourself. Basically, the use of “I” and “my” should be minimal as your audience wants to know what you can do for them. For more details, please see this blog from The Two Most Important Words in Blogging, Persuasion, and Copywriting – Copyblogger

power words and phrases for success - it's all about you
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3. Edit and choose your words carefully!

In business, it is important to include words that are concise and clear so the reader can save time.

A key part of writing a blog is to edit and revise your work, several times, and to check the meaning and understanding of it with other people. Words you use may be unclear to others, harmful, or may have dubious meaning. 

power words and phrases for success - edit your blog
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Remember business blogs are global and your audience can be from any country or background, so make sure the language is easy to access and not judgmental. You do not want to make any of your business target audience uncomfortable or angry. 


Why not download a free swipe file of the power words list now? You too can turbo charge your copy and make it more fun by plucking out at least one power word and seeing where it would fit in, or where you could replace a mediocre one.

I hope these three tips about using power words, addressing your audience throughout, and editing your blog’s content will help you to write sensational and tantalising blogs. When you try out the power words, please message me with your link so I can read your blog, I would be thrilled to know how you found using them.

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