The Weird Reason You Should Launch Your Website in September

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Why is it that no matter how old you are, September feels like the start of a new year and new beginnings? Who feels the buzz as they walk down the Back-to-School aisle in the supermarket and the joy of new pens, notebooks, and journals? It seems like the perfect time of year to redecorate my workspace, buy a calendar for the wall, fill up my pen pot and start something new. Read on to find out why you should launch your website in September…

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Start an online business

If you’re planning to start a business, you should consider starting in September. Why? A huge workplace study revealed that when it comes to getting things done, the seasons are not created equal. On average, people get 20% more work accomplished during autumn than any other season. Interestingly the most productive month is October, so why not get started in September and be ready to launch in October.

It is an exciting time, particularly if you are a parent, you may have just finished six weeks of entertaining children in the holidays. And now, ahead of you, are ten months of six hour days to invest in you and your business. It gives you precious time to focus. 

Autumn anticipation

Just like the children going off to school, you have the anticipation of what the coming year will bring. And like all of life, it will have its ups and downs. But if you are thinking about starting or investing in a business this could be a perfect time.

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Maybe it’s those vibrant autumnal colours, blue skies, and crisp mornings that give us energy during this period. Research says there is a genetic propensity to be more active in autumn linked to survival. If we did not harvest quickly and efficiently during this season, we would have had insufficient food and potentially died (fun fact from Geoffrey James, Inc.com).

What about the pandemic?

You might be unsure if you should start a business now, with the effects of a pandemic still evident. However, a recent article in the Financial Times said there are age groups who are currently best placed to start a business. These are the over 50s and under 24-year-olds. These were the age groups who were worst affected by the pandemic employment-wise, with furloughs, redundancies, and lack of job opportunities. They tend to be the age groups with less financial commitments and can afford to take higher risks. Therefore, if you are in those age groups and have been waiting for some motivation, this could be it. There is no need to launch full-time into something. A side-line can be the best way to test the waters; it can be built up to something full-time as the momentum and your business grow.

Ready to launch your website in September?

If you are feeling motivated and enthused and I’ve convinced you that September and autumn are a perfect time to begin, then read on.

Once you have your idea, business plan, and brand strategy in place you’re ready to start building your brand. Persuading people through a brand identity that embodies your message and values is a great start. Alongside having a stylish, mobile-friendly, website that sells.

Tree Duck Design helps entrepreneurs change their world. Get the advice you need to start or grow your online business today and let’s make this September one to remember!

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